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7 Baby Gift Ideas For Under $40

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Oh! You're looking for gift ideas? Well, we run a shop with the perfect ones! Yadda, yadda and yadda... There are plenty of great things in our world, and just because some of those things are found within our small shop, doesn't mean some equally great things can't be found elsewhere. So, in the spirit of cooperation with other businesses and with the goal of providing great information to our customers, supporters and readers, we present you with our list of great gift ideas for children under 4.

As parents of two little girls, we've purchased many things for them. Some they needed, some we wanted and some were just a bad idea. To keep things positive and unKarenesque (a useful word we just invented) we'll be keeping the bad ones off this list. Realize that these are our humble opinions and definitely can be subject to dissent. So, without further ado:

1. Buggly Wuggly

We discovered this toy at a friend's home. Our 2 year old loved it so much that she basically hijacked it completely from the true owner. The rolling movement gives a sense thrill and the handlebars are useful for support. We had no choice but to get one for her. At the current price of $26, it was a no-brainer.

Also, this has been helpful for our youngest as she practices her walking. It's supportive, but less so than the usual walker so she gets to hone her skills. The Buggly Wuggly's seat opens for extra storage (just be sure it's firmly shut to prevent any pinching). The snail's eyes light up (batteries are included) and the toy emits a not-too-obnoxious honking sound.

2. Magna-Tiles

These tiles have been a hit for our littles ever since our eldest began playing with them in preschool. It was a short time later that we went ahead and got them at home too. Magna-Tiles have inspired hours of creative play, whether in building robust structures or forming unique shapes. This set is probably the closest thing a toddler will get to studying geometry. 

The one downside is just how pricey Magna-Tiles could get. The large sets can range over $100. In keeping with the theme of this list, we've linked a smaller and more affordable set. Though this smaller set will limit building size, the creativity is still very much there. If anyone has had a good experience with knockoffs, please let us know in the comment section.

Magna Tiles Affordable Gift

3. River Rose and the Magical Lullaby

If anyone is surprised by a book appearing on this list, clearly hasn't heard our daughter belt out this book by heart, word for word. As you tuck your cutie into bed, go on a magical adventure with River Rose as a cluster of balloons transports her to a huge party with all the zoo animals.

Grammy Award winning artist Kelly Clarkson authored this book, so you know it's rhythmic. She performs the featured lullaby of the book here.

River Rose and Magical Balloons Favorite Book

4. Melissa and Doug's Doctor's Kit

For most babies, a doctor's visit is a daunting preposition. It's a new place with a new smell, looking very antiseptic and cold. There's lots of poking and prodding. And all this is before a shot is administered. This was the trigger for us buying this set. The results were quite impressive. In fact two days ago, our eldest received a vaccine in such a cool and collected way, we thought they injected the wrong kid.

Perhaps more importantly, this set arouses some intense interactive play. We often play patient with our daughter as she explains all of the steps she will be taking. Sometimes she'll conduct a thorough examination of her unsuspecting younger sister.

Melissa and Doug Doctor's Kit Fun and Affordable

5. Ball Pit

I'm not sure when the shift happened, but when I was a kid, one had to hop in a car and drive to a place that had a hug pit of balls to dive face first into. In retrospect, I'd prefer not thinking of smorgasbord of germs that was definitely present. Today, you can purchase a small assortment of balls and a pit to hop into in your toy room. Like all toys, you can buy the high quality version, with muted adult colors for much more money, but we love our cheap and bright set from Amazon.

Please note, the plastic balls are sold separately.

In Home Ball Pit Affordable

6. Big Joe Bean Bag Chair

Our children appreciate the immediate importance they get when a chair is designated as theirs. So when we plopped this sucker in our girls' bedroom they gave bedtime story time even more attention. This bean bag is comfortable yet sturdy (mostly, keep an eye out for slight tipping tendency). And can with stand even some adult weights, if you can squeeze in.

We linked the companies main website (it's their product after all), but you can find it more affordably with the regular cronies, like Amazon.

7. Animal Bath Squirts

We received these as a gift, and even though they're quite affordable, I would consider them high quality. They are made of a thick rubbery material and spritz water from tiny holes. Our daughters love to set them up along the wall of the bath and to have them march (swim?) in the water.

Like most bath toys there is a mold concern if water isn't emptied and dried, but that can be easily cleaned or purchased anew. We've had ours for for over a year and haven't had any problem.

Squirting Bath Toys Affordable

As per usual, let us know any of your favorites in the comment section. We can always use more things to spend money on!



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  • My son LOVES his keys!!!! He says thank you!

    Aundie Miller
  • Oh man my 9m old would LOVE the bean bag chair he’s always stealing my blankets of sleeping in his stuffed animals lol

  • Hello! I’m requesting a discount on the ball pit or even maybe a little something extra if I purchase the ball pit full price.
    I was recently laid off. My last day worked will be 11/30/21 after 6.5yrs. It’s still hard to process. Your TikTok video definitely came right in time. I appreciate what you are doing. I Can’t wait to share your business with all my friends and associates!!

    Star Samuels

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