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A Short Bedtime Story - With A Moral And Art

Applebee Is Not A Name



My Parents named me Applebee and isn't it a shame,

of every pretty word out there, I got stuck with this name.


Boy In Blue Upset About His Name
(Boy - Unknown)

I mean, give me Harry. I'd take Larry! 

Or a perplexing name like Tarry.

Willy, Billy, even Chilly.

I'd be thrilled to go by Philly.

But, no.

It's Applebee.



A Boy Asking Why - Bartolomeo Cesi
(Questioning - Cesi)

What was going through their head?

That all they saw was Honeycrisp red!

Were they struck by a Pink Lady?

Which made them devise something this shady!


Painting Of Apples and Other Fruit and Flowers - Severin Roesen
(Apples - Roesen)

Perhaps it was a swarm of bees,

Which forced them away from expertise.

Maybe they were in mid-sneeze,

and I got stuck with this disease.


A Bee and Five Other Insects - Joris Hoefnagel
(A Bee - Hoefnagel)

Applebee, huh?



And you know what's worse? Pretty soon

I'll be at my first day of school.

The kids in class, in their youthness

Will tease me in ways quite ruthless.


Teasing A Classmate - Gaspare Traversi
(Teasing - Traversi)

Apple sauce. Apple head. Mr. Rotten.

Every name will have been gotten.

Bee brain. Bee sting. Bee a nerd.

Every insult I'll have heard.


Still Life With Rotting Fruit - Abraham Mignon
(Rotting - Mignon)


Oh, no.


I see a boy. Please look away.

I can't bear the things he'll say.

Here he comes with outstretched hand.

He greets me but with a demand.


Boys Meeting For The First Time - Amelie Lundahl
(Shy Meeting - Lundahl)

"Hello there, what is your name?"

"Applebee." I say it lame.


A total hush falls on this kid. What mean thing will he say?

This is the terrible start of a lengthy, lengthy day.


Defensive Posture - Honore Daumier
(Defensive - Daumier)

"WHAT AN AWESOME NAME" he yells! "Man, am I jealous.

My own name is such a bore. Nothing for fun fellas."




Apparently I must rethink the things I said before.

Having a name that's this unique, at least won't cause a snore.


Reflecting On Things - Caravaggio
(Reflecting - Caravaggio)

Every kid will have some things that will set them apart.

But, friends will think it intriguing yet, assuming they have some heart.


This story was created in reflection of our general goal of freeing kids to be themselves. If your child has an uncommon name, tell them to wear it with pride!

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  • OMG!!! This is amazing!!!! I love it!!!! I read it to my Grandson Xavier (9) and he liked it too! Love the rhyming and the story is quite creative! I love the way you bring the reader into Applebees journey and angst of living with such a “unique” name. The message comes out loud and clear to the listener of how cruel one can be to another, and the unhappiness it causes. I loved your talent and yes I want to see more!! Of course I’m so jealous because you have no idea how long I have wanted to be a writer and just how bad I am at it! 😩 The best story I ever wrote was when I had a bad migraine headache. Thank you for sharing!! ❤️

    So much pain a sick. I decided to write a story about my pain while I was suffering.


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