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How To Stay Calm When Your Baby Is Crying - Meditations And Mantras

How To Stay Calm When Your Baby Is CryingPhoto: Laura Garcia

Success Isn't Guaranteed When Soothing A Crying Baby

Sometimes, no matter what you do, your baby just won't stop crying. Despite how difficult it is, there must be some silver-lining to focus on or some depth to discover.

It goes without saying, that if a baby is crying, you should usually be doing your utmost to calm them. 

Assuaging the crying baby with food, drink, poop-assistance or sleep, is the basic expectation for any caregiver. The only exception is perhaps when the child is being sleep-trained.

In addition to the requirement to do your best to calm the baby, it's extremely likely you'd want to anyway. The sound of a sobbing baby is grating by day and almost insanity-inducing by night.

Still, unsuccessful attempts at calming are inevitable. Below are some meditations and mantras to reflect on as you attempt to soothe your crying baby.

1. Everything Babies Do Is Cute, Including Crying

There are few, if any, things on earth that are as darling as a baby. This adorableness seeps into everything. Whether it's eating, sleeping or playing.

Therefore, it only make sense that this cuteness would extend to their crying as well. 

Though it's difficult, try to separate the sweetness of the little one from the harshness of their screech.

2. A Baby's Cry Evokes Your Parental Fulfillment

The concept of being responsible for and raising the next generation of humans is wild.

For the overwhelming majority of parents, the most positive (or negative) contribution they'll make to the world will be the children they raise.

That statement isn't to put-down any particular occupation. It's a simple recognition of the sociological fact that you'll need to be astonishingly proficient in your job or hobby to have it even near the affect of another human on earth.

The recognition of this fact comes into full view, when this tiny human is almost totally reliant on you for their basic needs.

3. The Cry Of A Baby Proves They're Alive

Though it sounds morbid, for many parents a cry causes a sigh of relief, because:

If a baby is crying they're alive and have enough strength to call out.

This comforting thought goes through the mind of many parents as their child is crying, but especially those who have suffered a lost. 

I can't imagine what some parents would give just to hear their baby cry again, even just once.

4. A Baby's Cry Expresses Raw And Pure Emotion

There are few examples in human interactions of pure, undiluted emotion.

To see uncensored emotion in adults requires a sense of ultimate openness, like with a close friend or spouse, alcohol, sociopathy or a  moment of intense joy or sadness.

Pure emotion is displayed far more regularly with young children. It happens so often that it could be exhausting to an adult. 

Crying from a baby would be a prime example of them showing raw and unvarnished emotion.

Though the baby's cry can be sad or annoying, the purity of emotion does have an artistic quality that can be quite mesmerizing to witness and study, as well.

5. You'll Miss The Littleness Of Your Baby - And Their Cry

You've heard the cliche a thousand times from the older people in your life. And while you know it to be true, you still can't help but roll your eyes each time it's repeated to you.

Still, it is true. Within two years, you'll be reminiscing fondly about the days when your little was little. And that longing will only grow as the child grows older.

So, close your eyes and capture this tender, if noisy, moment with your child. If you're successful in creating a snapshot, you will be referring back to it when you miss how snugly this tiny-bundle-of-joy fit into your arms.

What to think about when your baby is crying

Photo: Antoni Shkraba

Having said all of this, we still wish you luck in calming your sweet baby and hopefully catching a little shut-eye.

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  • Thanks for posting this! So many articles focus on practical things you can do or try when baby is crying inconsolably, but many of us also need help with the mental stress of dealing with a crying baby! Any other mantras or mindsets that others have found useful, please share!


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