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Toddler Sleep Training Clocks - Teaching Early-Risers When It's OK To Wake

Best OK To Wake Clocks

Parents will do anything to get their kids to sleep longer, especially if they are very early-risers. Few solutions are as accessible as the Toddler Training Clock - also known as the OK To Wake Clock. Here is everything important there is to know on these helpful aids.

What Is A Toddler Sleep Training Clock?

A toddler sleep training clock parental tool. The clock tells children if it's time to get up, without requiring them to know how to tell time.

This is usually done with colored lights. For example: if the clock is pink, the child knows it is time to sleep and only when the clock turns green, is it OK to get up.

Clocks with this function can go by many names: Toddler Training Clock, Ready To Rise Clock, Ready To Wake Clock, Color Changing Clock, but the most common one is OK-To-Wake Clock.

Do Toddler Sleep Training Clocks Work?

In our experience: OK To Wake clocks absolutely work.

The clock was successful in communicating to our toddler whether it was time to get out of bed. And got her excited about the topic.

She went from waking us up early, oftentimes around 5:45, to staying put (and hopefully falling back asleep) until 7:10.

She would burst into our room enthused, exclaiming "the clock is green! The clock is green!"

Now, for pointers on how to get a child to keep to your wishes of staying in bed, we'll get to in the Tips section.

Obviously, there is nothing on earth that can completely solve all problems of sleep (ask adult insomniacs), but this clock is a great step.

Tips For Using A Toddler Sleep Training Clock

  • Stay Realistic - This clock won't magically turn your toddler into a teenager and have them wake up past noon. In our case, it gave us a bit more than an additional hour of sleep, on average.
  • Talk About It - Part of the recipe for success, is getting your kid excited about sleep generally and this clock specifically. So make sure to have a few conversations on just how important sleep is and how cool this clock is.
  • Ready It In Advance - Bedtime is the least ideal time to begin fidgeting with setting the time and the wake-time. Try to get this done in advance. 
  • Use Batteries - If your kids are like ours, they like unplugging things. So to save you the hassle of constantly clicking through to the right time, get batteries in to the clock so it remains on even after getting unplugged.

Best Toddler Sleep Training Clocks

Listed here are some great toddler training clocks, selected based on what your priorities may be.

Most Affordable Toddler Training Clock - OK To Wake

The classic Ok To Wake clock is also the most well-known by name. With few bells and whistles, this clock reliably lights up green, when it is the right to time to get up.

Toddler Training Clock With Extra Features - LittleHippo Ready To Rise

This toddler training clock has a selection of extra features, like color choice, a night light and soothing sound effects. It is also the cutest of all of these, but that's just my opinion.

Toddler Bedside Gadget With (Just About) Everything You Can Imagine - Hatch Rest

This futuristic-looking gizmo does just about everything, short of making you coffee. Besides for the "time to wake/time to sleep" feature we've been discussing, it's a night light, sound machine, charging base, kids alarm and white noise creator. If you aren't feeling technologically advanced, all these features can be controlled by an app on your phone.

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