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Why Do Babies Love Phones And Will A Toy Phone Satisfy Them?

Babies Are Obsessed With Phones

Babies Desire For Phones Should Be Curbed

Any parent today can testify that their baby is obsessed with their smartphone. This phenomenon has probably been true ever since cell phones were smaller than the size of bricks. Leave your phone in a baby-accessible place for at least three minutes and, poof! your phone is now in the hands of your little one.

This can be bothersome for a handful of reasons:

  • You need to use your phone!
  • You're afraid your phone will get lost.
  • You'd like to prevent your baby from sending any gibberish text message or making awkward phone calls.
  • You are uninterested in deleting the 37 photos that your little artist captured of the couch cushions.

But, perhaps most concerning of all:

  • A baby staring at a phone, especially if they're younger than 18 months, is likely overloading their senses. All of the lights, colors, noises and images are things that a baby will never experience under a natural setting, so their interface can get overwhelmed. Experts agree, sensory lights, sounds, tastes, touch, and smells should be experienced gradually.

Why Are Babies Obsessed With Phones

We've already established the obvious, that babies play with everything they can get their hands on. Having said that, certain household items are extra tempting and more common of an ad hoc toy. It's those items that we tend to add to our line of non-toy looking toys in our shop. Phones are a prime example of the extra desirable things. Why?

  1. Excitement. That sensory explosion that we were discussing earlier is exciting. If you had the opportunity to see a 4th of July firework display while riding a roller coaster and eating food from a Michelin star restaurant, would you take it? 
  2. Adventure. Venturing to grab a new and unknown item is adventurous. 
  3. Power. The fact that movement occurs at the touch of their finger, even if it's not purposeful (unless you've got a baby Einstein), makes one feel powerful.
  4. Sizing. Depending on the model of the phone at hand, a smartphone will often fit snuggly in that chubby baby palm.
  5. Imitation. This one is the most likely cause and also the most troubling. Phone attachment and addiction has been on the rise, so plenty of babies and toddlers watch as their parents sit glued to their phones. This is sad and poor child-rearing but also explains why they'd place it as such a sought after device.

Would A Toy Phone Work As A Decoy?

Babies Are Obsessed With Phones

We sell toy phones. It's no secret and it's why we wrote this article! The dream would be that they actually can distract a toddler away from a real phone because a toy phone doesn't carry the aforementioned concerns and flaws a baby with a real phone has. But will it work?

We can attest that in our household, our babies very much enjoy playing with the pretend toy phone. Mommy has a phone, daddy has a phone and now the littles "have" one too!

This makes plenty of sense if you look at the previous reasons we gave for why they like phones in the first place.

  1. Excitement. Although our toy won't completely rock their world like the capabilities of a real phone, the sound and light elements have a stimulating effect.
  2. Adventure. Like any new toy, it's always fun to explore a new realm. Additionally, this phone includes many sound effects just waiting to be discovered.
  3. Power. The push button noises will have your toddler feeling like Frank Underwood in no time.
  4. Sizing. If a regular phone fits well in the hand of a little, the slightly slimmer dimensions and light weight of this phone will fit like a glove.
  5.  Imitation. This toy phone was redesigned by us to look as realistic as possible. If your babies want to "call grandma" like mommy and daddy, this toy is a lookalike.

As usual, we'd love to hear your thoughts! Buy MyPhone here.


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