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Busy Bee
Busy Bee
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Busy Bee

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Little kids, and especially babies, should be called fidgeters, because when it comes down to it, that's all they do. Our lovely little busy bees joyfully twiddle with basically anything they can get their tiny hands on. We know all about this, not because we built a shop on it, but because our littles never cease to jiggle just about anything in sight.

Which is why we were pushing so strenuously to get this specially designed baby Montessori Busy Board into our store. Not only does it look great, we actually tailored each item according to what our babies are constantly gravitating toward. Our babies, and the countless babies which we hear all about from their parents. These critters should have many consecutive minutes of entertainment (hopefully more than four LOL!). 

On this board are elements which kids constantly hear "Don't Play With That!" about, including:

  1. A life size outlet with two types of plugs (keep real ones protected).
  2. A zipper (less drama if this one gets jammed on an icy day).
  3. A switch (lights stay out during nap time).
  4. A rolling wheel (your cutie won't end up on the neighbors lawn).
  5. A fidget spinner (old faithful).
  6. A set of gears (for the cause and effect enthusiasts).
  7. A latch with an opening and closing little door (what is this a door for ants?!).

We have been completely satisfied with ours and it's been amazing to hear the great reports from our customers. Affordable busy boards that use high quality wood are almost impossible to come by... these busy boards are every toddler's dream!

The size of the board is about 10 inches by 12 inches so it's a perfect fit, whether you're at home or on-the-go.

For everything you wanted to know about busy boards, read here.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Krissie Sprouse
two pieces broken

i guess the carrier was a bit rough because two pieces were unattached, but it was no problem to glue them back on.

Amazing customer service!!


we had some issues with pieces falling off the toy, but after contacting the shop I was VERY pleasantly surprised by their speedy response! I will be purchasing more toys soon for my little ones birthday!

If you do purchase this toy just be sure that your little one plays with it while sitting down — definitely not meant for rough play! My hubby also screwed the plug directly into the board and re-glued the zipper and we are good to go!!! 😎

Dana B.
Amazing toys

We have purchased every toy they offer. So much fun. Well made, and most of all best customer service around! Thank you for making amazing toys for our babies!

Taylor Buckenheimer
best toy!

within 2 minutes of being out of the package my kids were fighting over it! we love it!!

Jasmine Mccranie
Great toy

She loved it plays with it all the time