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About Us!


We are a middle-America couple that loves our one-and-a-half year old toddler and three month old baby despite their common disregard for rules. It's that disregard which actually gave us the idea for this website!

You see, like many parents, we noticed that our babies played with household items and had little interest in the toys that we bought for them. This got us thinking...why not create toys that don't look like toys! 

This idea is advantageous for three reasons: 1) Babies can finally play with the things that they truly want to play with and do not need to hear mom or dad yell "NO!" or "STOP!" all the time. This obviously feeds creativity and positivity.

2) Inevitably, babies do get their hands on things that they shouldn't and often times the real thing is dangerous or messy. Medicine bottles (yikes!), keys (yuck) and lipstick (I hope you have lots of Windex) are just a few examples. So, the second goal of this store is to create alternatives that are much safer for babies.

3) Least important, but definitely shouldn't be overlooked is the minor chuckle any parent gets when their baby falls for a decoy set of metal keys or a medicine bottle which has hugs and kisses as the prescription. Parenthood is a blessing but sure can use a few more laughs.

You're welcome to Contact Us at any time. Our email is fauxtoys@gmail.com and our phone number is +1 317/399-4596.

If you're reaching out about the "Toys For Those In Need" fund, please include your name, email address, home address (limited to the US) and the toy of your choice. We will try to get through the queue as quickly as possible.

We hope you enjoy our shop!

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  • I did reviews for another baby company 3 years ago. They sent me products and then i left amazon and google reviews for them. It was luvbaby. They are from over seas. Id love to help your company also. I dont expect free items either.

    Alyssa Smith

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