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5 of Our Favorite Photo Reviews for Metal Baby Keys

Metal Baby Keys - Our First Product

It has only been a handful of months since we've opened this little shop in our corner of the internet. We have been methodical about choosing products and careful developing them to our liking (instead of simply dumping endless drop-shipping links).

Our very first product, and the one we put the most energy in developing was "The Keys to the Joint." They're a set of stainless steel baby keys which were laboratory tested for safety. They have been our best-seller and we are very proud of them. 

Photos Of Babies Playing With Keys As Toys

Since the very start, our customers have been so forthcoming and generous with their praise, but our personal favorite is the gush of photos and videos that they have shared. Below is a selection of some of our favorites.

1. This caption from @CarolynZobel had us cracking up but the baby is even better:

Time is going so quick, Elijah got his drivers license! But he still doesn’t know what the keys are for 😋

Just kidding! But he’s been loving these keys from @dont.play.with.that because they look just like mommy’s! However, they’re designed with no sharp ridges, and are laboratory tested nontoxic stainless steel! Best part is I can run them through the dishwasher.Cute Baby with Baby-safe Metal Keys

2. This photo from @FamilyFunPlayTime has our heart doing backflips:

Maddie loves her new keys and love is the best medicine rattle!
From @dont.play.with.that

When your kids love all the things they can’t usually have, Faux toys has you covered with baby safe toys your little one can play with and stay safe!!!

Stainless-steel Baby Keys

3. This chill demeanor portrayed by @SavannahKiburz is positively therapeutic:

Someone got their own set of keys 💛

Chill Baby with Keys

4. @BashyBoy20's mom captured this deliciously visionary moment of her cutie:

Keys are my favorite toy ever but mama and dada don’t share theirs. @dont.play.with.that sent me my very own keys!!! They are amazing and I take them everywhere! Highly recommend to all my friends! 🗝🗝

Baby Eating Keys Toy

5. The momma of @Izzy.Bella.Chris found a way to make sure Izzy's keys don't get lost (you can buy the mat here). She captured it magically in this image:

🔑 Another collab we were so kindly selected for was for these keys by @dont.play.with.that . They are an amazing company that specializes in making toys for your babes out of items you’re usually telling them not to play with. For example, keys and medicine bottles. Genius idea if you ask me.

Baby Plays With Keys

As previously stated (we'll say it a million times!) we adore receiving photos of your cuties playing with our products. It truly makes our day. Keep them coming!


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