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Crayola Mess-Free Color Wonder Markers Review

Crayola Mess-Free Color Wonder Markers Review

What Are Crayola Color Wonder Markers?

The Crayola Color Wonder markers, are a less messy alternative to the classic coloring markers. 

The markers deploy a mechanism where they are only visible if used on Color Wonder paper. This prevents children from scrawling with marker on other surfaces.

The Crayola Color Wonder line can be found widely both in stores and online.

The Pros of Crayola Color Wonder Markers:

  1. The Color Wonder Markers really are mess-free. They do eliminate the nightmare of having bright colors scribbled all over your walls by a toddler.
  2. They are the perfect travel companion. We've entertained our little ones with these in many cars and airplanes. They markers will keep toddlers busy for a good 20 minutes without having to worry they'll add a splash of color to the shirt of the businessman who is sitting next to you.
  3. Despite not being able to be used on most surfaces, when drawn onto Color Wonder paper, the markers' colors are bright and vibrant.
  4. The markers are the perfect size for toddler hands. They are small enough to be controlled by the toddler, but big enough to feel substantial.
  5. Unlike some knock-off brand markers, the caps fit snuggly onto the marker. Once they're on, they're on.

Pros & Cons Crayola Color Wonder Markers

The Cons of Crayola Color Wonder Markers:

  1. Only the specific Color Wonder paper can be used for coloring. Of course, this was by design, but still, it's a bit of a headache to repurchase this particular type of paper each time the ones you had get filled with scribbles.
  2. This markers and paper combination can be up to ten times more pricey than the ordinary markers and paper.
  3. Anecdotally, these markers seem to run out of ink or dry out quickly. Our household has purchased these markers two or three times, and each time this has been their end. It may be that my kids are exceptionally bad at putting the cap back, but I don't think they are.
  4. While it is true that no color appears if these markers aren't used on the correct paper, a greasy-looking film can be slightly noticeable. So you'll still want to wipe it down with a cleaning solution.
  5. It takes a second or two for the color to appear on the page after the marker has been applied to it. My kids don't seem to notice or care, but I can see this being a bit of a nuisance to an older kid or a more serious artist.
  6. People on the internet have claimed that the color on the page is not true to the color of the cap. I have never noticed that with our set, so even if true, the discrepancy is tiny.

Our Verdict and Review of the Crayola Color Wonder Markers

As evidenced by the fact we've bought the Color Wonder Markers three times, we like this product.

Yes, they are a bit pricey and yes, it feels weird needing to wait for more paper to arrive to continue coloring. 

But, it is really nice to feel comfortable leaving markers around your toddlers for them to color with, without having to watch them like a hawk.

You can buy it here!

Crayola Color Wonder Markers Review

Disclaimer: DontPlayWithThat! receives no free product in return for this review. As parents, we purchase all sorts of baby-related items. Our reviews are an honest assessment of our experiences.

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