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Baby Gifts Under $30 - 30 Presents They Won't Return

Baby Gifts For Under 30 Dollars

So, you want to give a new parent a baby gift! Whether it's at a baby-shower or post-birth, you will want to give them something they'll want to keep - but, without breaking the bank.

Most baby-gift-lists that we've come across seem to be at a price-point that is either too low or too high.

The ideal price-point obviously depends on the individual, but for us, in most cases, $30 is our sweet spot.

So, without further ado, The 30 Best Baby Gifts Under $30, as organized by category.

Toy Baby Gifts

  1. Custom Name Puzzle - Why just get a puzzle, if you can get one unique to the child you're getting a gift for! It's always shocking to find a custom-made item at a reasonable price point.
  2. Baby Play Gym - Our baby always surprises me with how happily mesmerized they are looking at the colorful objects hanging on this gym. Assuming they don't need to eat, poop or sleep!
  3. Book Set - We're partial to our new kid's book, but a room filled with books - especially the classics - sets a warm and educational energy.
  4. Melissa and Doug Toys - If we are suggesting you buy from our competition, you can be sure they're great. This company creates high quality toys that meet at the border of crunchy and fun.
  5. Lovie - If our kids are considered evidence, a child can never receive enough lovies. Whether in the shape of an animal or a simple blanket, the softness encourages cuddles!
  6. Bath Toys - Bath toys are an affordable yet memorable toy idea. Bath-time is arguably the time children are most enclosed, so entertaining toys go a long way.

Baby Gifts For The Baby's Room

  1. Baby Bouncer - Once the baby is a bit more than a couple of weeks old, a baby bouncer is an absolute game-changer. Don't overhype this, unless your baby is uniquely chill, they won't be happy there for hours -  but the 10-20 minutes of giving your arms a rest is positively therapeutic.
  2. Crib Mobile - Assuming your baby sleeps on their back - as pediatricians advise - crib mobiles, with their colors and shapes will help entertain a kid until they're ready to fall asleep.
  3. Laundry Bin - Nothing very noteworthy about this baby staple, but if a kid's room will be having this any way, it might as well be cute.
  4. Wall Art - No matter your aesthetic preferences, a fun piece of wall art is sure to elevate a space.
  5. Framed Birth Info - For the more sentimental -  which parent isn't? - celebrate the information with which this baby entered the world (e.g. date, time, weight, height etc.) with a framed graphic.
  6. Cute Rug - As Mr. Lebowsky taught: a rug can really tie a room together.

Baby Gifts For Baby Care

  1. Diaper Pail - Instead of double-bagging stinky diapers, or constantly holding your nose, drop them in a handy diaper pail.
  2. Cozy Swaddle - When it comes to sleeping, a baby's worst enemy is themselves. So besides for keeping a child cozy, a swaddle helps the baby stay still which increases the likelihood of rest.
  3. Portable Changing Mat - This handy baby-mat will rescue many a parent from the pickle of changing a baby outside of home. Gone are the days of hunting for proper surfaces.
  4. Diapers - Everyone needs 'em. They're not cheap. This is a gift they're sure to use.
  5. Baby Towel - The post bath towel swaddle has got to be one of the cutest moments of babyhood.
  6. Aveeno Bath Set - Each of the items in this set are useful, and the gift basket presentation is visually appealing.
  7. Teether - Help diminish the pain of teething, while giving the baby something to play with!

Electronic Baby Gifts

  1. Humidifier - While useful year-round, a humidifier is especially of help when it's cold outside and the heat is on - and dry.
  2. Baby Monitor - Put your baby to sleep with the comfort of oversight. If there is any concern you'll catch it right away!
  3. Sound Machine - Creating a calming background noise can work wonders in places that are too looud - or too quiet.
  4. Wipe Warmer - Pamper your baby as you, well, Pamper your baby. No shockingly cold wipes on this bum!

Clothing Baby Gifts

  1. Bonds Stretchie - The very best stretchie in our humble opinion. Double zippered, cool feet and hand covers and soft fabric - all wonderful features!
  2. Beanie - Showcase a baby's hipster side with a stylish beanie.
  3. Cloth Carrier - This carrier may be less durable and rugged as the more backpack-like carriers, but it's lightweight and comfort makes up for those amply.
  4. Burp Cloth Set - You. Can. Not. Have. Too. Many. Burp. Cloths. Sad reality, but trust us on this.

Baby Gifts For Feeding Time

  1. Suction Bowls - Start a baby off with utensils without the scary specter of them tilting all of their mush onto the floor.
  2. Baby Spoons - Gentle baby spoons are much kinder too little mouths than metal ones.
  3. Bibs - Any food item of moisture requires a baby bib. These bibs even collect all the bits of food that fall. Your floor time will be substantially cut.

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