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Party With Animals - River Rose And The Magical Lullaby Review

River Rose And The Magical Lullaby Book Review

The Plot of River Rose And The Magical Lullaby

In River Rose's great excitement for her trip to the zoo tomorrow, she cannot fall asleep. Her mother tries to help through singing to her a lullaby about a parent's love for a child.

As River Rose drifts off to sleep, she dreams of waking up to squeaky balloons. She grabs ahold of these magical balloons and gets transported, with her dog Joplin, to the zoo.

Upon arrival, River Rose learns that all of the zoo animals are able to speak with her, and party and dance and enjoy ice cream and ride merry go rounds. It's all galavanting fun.

But as the polar bears begin getting ready for bed, River Rose realized it was time to say goodbye. By singing to them her mother's lullaby of love, she's transported back to her favorite place - home!

Review for River Rose And The Magical Lullaby

Buying River Rose - Kelly Clarkson

Grammy-Award winning artist Kelly Clarkson is the author of this children's book. This creates both joy, in the hearts of her fans, and scorn, in the minds of this book's critics who think her fame is the only reason this book was a bestseller.

We were unlike both of these groups. When our family bought this book, it was because we stumbled upon it in a bookstore and it looked like a fun storyline with compelling illustrations. We had no idea of the celebrity aspect.

Despite the criticism of some prominent book reviewers, this book is one of our family's favorites.

It's true, the rhyming of this book is slightly disjointed, but that can be seen as an opportunity to develop one's own cadence, rhythm and places of emphasis.

We've read this book so many times, we already have a set tune for it.

The story of River Rose conveys lessons regarding love toward animals and the warmth of home, but we adore it for its rolling, adventurous fun.

By the way, any claim that love-of-home or travelling-balloons is somehow taken from other books is borderline ridiculous. These concepts have appeared in the human experience since each of their origins.

Rating for River Rose And The Magical Lullaby

Ideas For Making River Rose And The Magical Lullaby More Engaging

  1. Learn the lullaby sung in the book. You can watch/listen to it together with your child, but singing it together is far more bonding.
  2. There seems to have been a River Rose rag doll that was produced with the release of this book. Apparently it's been discontinued, but if you want to spring for collector's item, they're being sold on Ebay.
  3. Have your child name the animals in the illustration's background. Extra points for discussing what they're doing. This is a great opportunity to expand their useful verb vocabulary.
  4. For younger children, a simple identification/speaking exercise would be to have them count particular things in the pictures, along with telling you what color the things are.
  5. For more advanced children, have them question the plot. Is River Rose dreaming? Do magical balloons exist? Are all of these animals safe in real-life? How did River Rose get back to bed?
  6. Make your own adventure! Ask your child what they would do at the zoo if anything was an option and the animals were friendly.

You can buy Kelly Clarkson's River Rose And The Magical Lullaby with this Amazon Link.

Disclaimer: DontPlayWithThat! receives no free product in return for this review. As parents, we purchase all sorts of baby-related items. Our reviews are an honest assessment of our experiences.

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