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Unique Baby Toys - 5 Reasons To Be A Bold Gift-Giver

The Temptation To Be A Dull Gift-Giver

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When buying baby toys, there is the temptation to stick to boring and predictable toys. As with many things, there is an assuredness with playing it safe.

Let's say you're gifting a toy for a newly minted one-year-old, no one would ever fault you for choosing, say, a set of blocks. This toy has been around for decades (maybe centuries) so no eyebrows will rise. Task fulfilled.

But, it's self-evident, if unspoken, that most kids already have a set of blocks, or more than one set. Even for the rare case where this is the child's first set of blocks, this overly generic gift is still nothing to write home about.

So, although the giver may feel secure in this dullness, in reality, it's a missed opportunity.

"But," you protest "if I am too unconventional..." fill in the blank with the endless excuses why self-conscious adults don't do bold things.

To convince you to take the more exciting and courageous route, we've listed the reasons to be the fun gift-giver. (Don't worry, we aren't advocating for the gift ideas that are too original.)

1. A Toy They Don't Already Have

No Boring Gifts


Are you a regifter? Don't worry, I am well aware of the controversy and poor taste which is attached to this practice.

But, even if our are openly anti-regifting, wait until you've received another baby doll for your daughter, you may change your opinion.

(I get it, many girls like dolls, mine included, but come on! Are so many really needed, that when I walk around my home in the dark, I get freaked out at the amount of human shapes in my toy room?)

Besides for the dullness of redundancy (and let's hope that at the gift opening part of the birthday party, the birthday boy doesn't announce that this is his seventh set of blocks) there's also the obvious fact that a child won't play with a toy he already has.

There's nothing worse than a toy not played with, which is just taking up space on the shelf.

2. A Toy For The Individual Child

When an unconventional toy is chosen as a gift, there's a higher likelihood the toy will be tailored to the child's wants and styles.

This is because, once you're in the realm of the specifics, you're forced to actually consider the child's individual type.

By way of metaphor, compare simply buying a hallmark card with a mushy one-liner in the inside of it vs. actually writing a card. Which do you think will be more meaningful to the recipient? While it's technically possible that the specifics in the written card will be off the mark, the fact that there are specifics in the first place requires the writer to truly reflect on the recipient and their relationship.

3. A Toy That Fills A Need

As with number two, when one is open to non-standard gifts, they can truly think about the individual child's needs. 

It's hard to describe a toy as a need, although it very much can be. But, there are many other gifts a child could use. Especially if they are in a home that, financially, can't provide every item it would like.

Think of a humidifier or a cozy towel. The little one's parents would definitely appreciate something of the sort. And probably the child would as well.

4. A Toy That Captivates

A Unique Baby Toy

Like orange socks in a sea of corporate black ones, a unique gift will grab the attention of both parent and a child.

This is extra important with babies. Where adults turn their heads at something unusual, babies go into full pursuit, toying with the unusual thing until it becomes usual in their eyes. This can take months.

5. A Toy That Starts A Conversation

This one's mainly for the people that talk, namely adults. When a gift sticks out and has a particular meaning or purpose (see 2. and 3.) there is much more to talk about.

Whether it's the sentimental intention or a funny realization, a good conversation will result from the unique gift. This can come in handy at the birthday party of a classmate of your child where you don't know any of the adults.

Yes, it can be daunting, but you can do it! Do your research and go for the unique gift!

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