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Soda Cans and Babies

The Appeal, The Risks and How To Use Them To Get Your Little-One To Eat Healthier

Are soda cans safe for babies?

Why Do Babies Love Soda Cans?

"Hey, look! Dad is enjoying a refreshing seltzer after a long-day of minimizing the damage we inflict on the home. He probably wants us to climb onto the table and grab that can and dump the bubbly fluids all over the ground." - My Daughters 

The problem of kids taking their parents things as their own toys is quite common. We discuss why they're do inclined in this article.

However, it's extra common for parents to complain of their toddler's obsession with their drink containers. Whether it's a coffee mug or a soda can, their baby wants it. Why?

1. Baby Sees, Baby Does

Little ones will imitate so much of what they see the adults in their life do.

2. Cans Are A Great Size For Little Hands

Nothing stops a baby from trying to pick something up, but for them not to move on, it helps for something to fit neatly into their two-handed grasp.

3. Babies Love The Metal Sensory Experience

Not unlike their pull toward keys, the cool metal on their skin and the arguably-pleasant clanging sound excites babies.

4. Your Baby Wants Something To Drink

What is likely the greatest factor for why babies love cans, is the same for both babies and adults. Your toddler would like a sip of whatever it is you're drinking too! It might be thirst, but more likely they want some of that sweet, bubbly liquid in their mouths as well. 

Are soda cans safe for babies?

Soda Cans Carry Dangers For Babies

There are a handful of potential risks associated with giving a baby a soda can. None of them are very surprising so, we'll mention them quickly.

1. Cans Have Sharp Openings

After a can is opened, the opening where liquid exits is quite sharp. Even an adult running their finger around its rim, will likely cause a cut. A baby and their curious finger is more vulnerable than that, with its softer skin and lack of understanding in how to recoil safely. 

2. Dents In Soda Cans Are Pointy 

Yes, the can typically arrives in a perfect spherical shape, but after one squeeze from a toddler, jagged points will develop. To babies, squeezing something is almost synonymous with holding something, so these points are almost inevitable. These pointy tips also more of a risk than the sharp opening because they protrude outward.

3. The Soda Tab Is A Choking Hazard

The tab used to open the soda can comes off fairly easily. If you've played that flicking game, you know. And once that has come off, with the toddler-love for putting things in their mouth, a choking hazard is quickly at hand.

4. The Weight Of A Closed Soda Can

While a closed can isn't as heavy as a dumbbell, it is quite heavy for little muscles. Dropping a can on a body part, especially toes, would be painful even to adults.

Soda For Babies

Besides for the physiological threats a can poses for babies, soda itself is a nutritional nightmare. 

1. Soda consumption in children is linked to childhood obesity. This is of little surprise because it's packed with sugar and zero nutrients.

2. Soda is detrimental to healthy teeth. Like many sugary foods, tooth decay is a direct consequence from soda drinking.

3. Caffeine is addictive. The tender age of a child would be quite young to get hooked.

Regarding non-sugary bubbly drinks, like sparkling water, though, definitely better than soda, carries some concerns like creating a feeling of fullness and acidity.

Obviously, for all of your health questions, turn to your doctor or dietitian. They may give the green light for soda in moderation.

Soda Can Toy For Babies and Toddlers

baby loves their pretend soda can toy


Our latest offering in our toy shop for toys that don't look like toys is a pretend soda can. You can read all about it on the product page.

The can's design is quite convincing to baby eyes, so, an industrious parent can have the toy soda can filled with a healthier offering (is broccoli juice a thing?) and offer it to their little one. 

Even if the parent is unsuccessful with the extremely healthy things, simple water or juice is miles better than soda. In addition to this can not carrying all of the physical dangers a real one does.

You will thank us for all the sticky messes this pretend soda can prevents!

By the way, apparently an open cup is arguably better for babies than a sippy is because the sippy cups may cause tooth decay and oral-motor delays.

Got thoughts on soda, or soda cans, or toys soda cans for babies? Please share them in the comment section!

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