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Is It OK For Babies To Chew On Keys? - 3 Reasons Why Not

Baby puts keys in his mouth

Babies Love Keys

It is a well-known parenting fact that little kids love keys. The moment they're within eyesight a baby will lunge toward them, often risking life and limb.

Sometimes, this is used to the advantage of the toddler's parents. When quiet is desperately needed, a common tactic is to simply hand your key ring to the little one. The keys often keeps them mesmerized for substantial periods of time.

Why Do Babies Love Keys?

By the time the baby is articulate enough to explain its desires, the want for keys has mostly dissipated. So, we can only speculate.

Is it the pleasant jangly noise that keys make? Perhaps the cool metal upon a teething mouth? The apparent importance that parents give keys, constantly holding them and using them to open locked doors? Or maybe it's the rebel/adventurer inside each baby which knows that this is something they shouldn't play with...

It's likely a combination of all these reasons. the bottom line is clear though, babies are obsessed with keys.

Is It OK For Babies To Chew On Keys?

Despite their love-affair with keys, keys are probably something that parents should not allow into their toddler's hands and, especially, mouths.

Below is a list of three reasons why parents should keep them inside their own pockets.

1. Some Keys Have Toxic Lead

According to the California Childcare Health Program: "A new study has found that there is also lead in some house and car keys." 

One doesn't need to be a Noble Prize winning scientist to know that lead consumption poses a major risk. If you know your child has consumed lead, or are concerned they might have, please contact your poison control immediately.


2. Keys Are Full Of Germs

Besides for the usual quantity of germs found on most household items, keys are one of the most germ-filled things in the whole lot.

Think about it, your keys have been everywhere you have been, which can't be said for most of the things that are confined to your home.

Also, when is the last time you've cleaned your keys? How does one clean the electric car key fob anyway?

Of course there're the people that say "what doesn't kill you makes you stronger," and I am one of them. But there is a huge difference between allowing your kid to eat Cheerios off the floor, not about licking the grime off your key ring like it's an ice cream cone.

3. Keys Have Jagged Edges

This can't be said for every key, but most keys have jagged edges. These sharp edges pose an additional threat to your baby's pillow-soft cheeks and smooth lips.

Buy Baby Safe Metal Keys

These Are OK For Babies To Chew On

So... thats where we at DontPlayWithThat.com come in. Our mission is providing babies and toddlers with the every-day items they're constantly reaching for and playing with but in a safer and more baby-centric way. Creating the set of Metal Baby Keys - "The Keys to the Joint" - as our first product, was a no-brainer.

The keys are laboratory-tested for zero lead content and have smooth edges. Plus, they're food-grade stainless-steel so you can even throw them into the dishwasher for the perfect clean.

Yes, there are plenty of plastic keys on the bay toy market, but we're betting your baby is too smart to fall for the fake ones. Purchase a set of "The Keys to the Joint" today! 


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