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Affordable Pretend Toy TV Remote
Pretend TV Remote for Toddlers
Baby TV Controller
Toy TV Guide For Babies
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It's the season finale. The show you've been loving has built toward a climax that is both realistic yet inspiring. Finally, the big moment, and... bzzt. Somehow your child got ahold of the television remote and now, you somehow find yourself watching an 80-year-old try to convince you to purchase a set of 45 sponges. 

Whether it's the Bachelorette or The Super Bowl, babies have been changing the channel since the dawn of the TV controller. Not anymore. With Faux Toys' "Uncontrollable" pretend TV remote, you and your favorite show will be in the clear.

Included is a waterproof "Channel Guide" which describes the typical TV content in a way which will, hopefully, make you laugh.

Stop chasing loose batteries under the couch and stop wiping ounces of saliva off the buttons. With this toy and your kid's imagination, such fun will be created. 

With two batteries (AAA), this remote will play music and teach languages. Even without batteries, the fun of pretending is still present!

This electronic toy is not for teething. So, if your baby sticks everything in its mouth and hasn't started imaginative play at all, waiting a few months would be a good idea!

If you're still not convinced maybe this guy's argument will be persuasive.

If you have some theories as to why babies love remotes, join this conversation!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
Jamie Lunden
Absolutely wonderful!

The remote is great and my son loves it, costumer service is amazing as well!

Shilo Gamboa
Perfect distraction

The faux remote has becone her favorite toy. She absolutely plays with it more than anything else.

Jennifer Wright

My daughter loves it and my four year old does too

Anzly Doster
Love these toys!

My daughter loves her new toys!

Onoria Andrade
Great toy

My baby loves to play with the remote to the tv. So this was perfect, he loves it.