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5 Reasons Why Babies Love TV Remote Controls

Toddler Plays With TV RemoteIn our never-ending quest to get to the bottom of our children's specific fascinations, one glaring one is their obsession with TV remote controls. Of course, in line with our shop's mission, we've got you covered for the toy version of this as well.

The internet is packed with hilarious videos of babies thoroughly excited by regular remotes, the occasional pitfall of that excitement and the total meltdown of separation.

This love toward controllers creates all types of problems. Whether its the sudden lurch away from your favorite show to some strange pay-per-view channel in the 900's or the need to hire Indiana Jones to find the remote in the first place. Not to mention the graveyard of batteries underneath the couch, all of which were plucked from their safety in the back of the remote by little, prying fingers.

Of course, an adult can simply place the remote on a high shelf or in a locked drawer, but this doesn't answer our underlying question. It also feeds into the "No Culture" that pervades modern childhood.

From a heap of data, both anecdotal and scientific, there's two dynamics at play. The first is the general gravitation of toddlers to anything that isn't a toy, even the most specific of things. This phenomenon is extremely broad and requires a separate, and much more lengthy article. The Big Why of our entire shop. It'll be a doozy to write but we will conquer it soon.

Additionally, there are the specific attractions that uniquely a remote offers:

(1) The buttons are seemingly endless and omnipotent. They're usually an extra-noticeable color which only increases the temptation. Plus they offer a satisfactory push.

(2) The fact that adults seem to continuously reach for this electronic and honor it with a belief in its power, must increase a child's respect for it as well.

(3) Not to mention, the controller's convenient shape fits snuggly in a child's hand. Not too large as to be unhandleable or too small to be unnoticeable. 

(4) Hate to bring up the unspoken-of elephant in the room, but we must acknowledge that our little rascals will seek a vulnerable pressure point with which they can inflict the most damage (I should say annoyance) and in a house that watches a lot of TV, a remote definitely fits that description. (Upon further reflection this is not unrelated to (2).)

(5) Your child may be old enough to want the TV remote for the same reason that you do, to change the channel! Whether its Peppa Pig, Cocomelon or any other baby-favorite, to your cutie, really anything is more exciting than Grey's Anatomy or The Great British Bake Off.

As with most of our communal discussions, there's plenty of theorizing here, which definitely leaves room for counter-theories and new ones as well. If you think we missed an element of the attractiveness of TV remotes or have a different view, please don't hesitate to let us know in the comments!

Baby Plays With Pretend Toy Remote

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