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The Keys to the Joint
Metal Baby Keys - Feels Like Real Ones - Cheapest Online
Fake Car Keys That Look Real
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The Keys to the Joint

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Metal baby keys which are as fun as real keys but safe!

So, you thought that your baby reaching for your car keys was a part of life. Like the raisins in trail mix or how fast the weekend is over. Wrong! That's because with 'The Keys to the Joint' you'll get an adorable, high-quality toy with that beloved jingly sensation. They're laboratory-tested, non-toxic and stainless-steel, which makes them very baby-safe. Also, we've attached mini beads to prevent any pinching. Throw these into the dishwasher for that extra shimmer.

The days of your infant licking germs off your key ring like an ice cream cone and, not to mention, the endless search for your car keys when it's time to go, are over! Those plastic ones aren't convincing enough, these metal baby keys are a must!

For a discussion on the risks of giving real keys to babies, see our blog post "Are Keys Safe For Babies?". 

Dimensions: At their widest, these keys are 3x2 inches and weigh 3.5 ounces.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 77 reviews
Adored and tasty!!

My 9mo daughter has not put these down since I gave them to her. She's 100% entertained and I bet it feels good on those teething gums too lol. Worth every dollar


Great reaction! She loves the jingles of the metal keys and shakes them around with abandon! So much more fulfilling than plastic ! Thanks - will be back for the phone when she’s older !!


My 5m old loves these keys and flails them around happily!

Allison Reid

The jingle is a little different than my car keys so I added a keychain and put a paci lanyard on and it resembles my car keys perfectly and little dude is happier than ever. They are bigger than I expected which isn't a bad thing. 100000% worth it.

Tessa R.
Great keys

My 7 month old got these for Easter. He loves them, they have a great jingle noise. They are very sturdy and I was surprised how hefty they are. Very pleased with my purchase.