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Somehow Healthy

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Finally! You've found a three minute pocket of time to sit in silence and enjoy a refreshing beverage. What's that you see? In the distance. A stealth toddler is not-so-subtly making their approach. You know what's going to happen but there's little you can do to stop it.

Your baby wants your soda can. Your baby takes your soda can. And... your baby proceeds to dump its contents on their shirt and your floor. How sticky is ginger ale again?

No more! With Don't Play With That's soda can toy, you can fool your toddler into thinking they've got the real thing. 

This pretend soda can is substantially safer than a real can. Adult soda cans have sharp edges and a pull tab which is a choking hazard. Not to mention, soda for littles is a nutritional no-no.

Best of all, the lookalike lid is removable, so you can fill this cup with, baby-friendly beverages! The opening offers improved tactical skills for your baby versus a sippy cup.

Hand-wash only.

You can read specifics of the dangers of soda and soda cans here.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Tristan Tresner

I give my little dude the Somehow Healthy can whenever he wants a drink of my soda. Works every time.

Josephine Miller
Seriously the coolest toy/cup

My daughter loves this thing! She’s 18m and throws the cup and it’s held up where some cups have broken or been dented. She loves taking it to go and we always get compliments on it as well. I like that it can be used as make believe or an actual cup. 10/10 would recommend

Rachel Brandt

the looks on other moms faces when they think my two year old is chugging a coke on the playground is priceless. We love this cup- and the opening is just big enough to use a straw if you want to.

So cool!

I didn't read the description so I didn't realize this was an actual cup they could use. That was definitely a pleasent surprise! My middle kid wants to play with cans and this one comes without sharp edges. Always recommending these guys! Super unique toys that are 100% worth the buy!


We really can never enjoy a soda without our toddler begging for a sip. He immediately fell for this fake and it's making my life better lol