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7 Household Items That Are Safe For Babies To Put In Their Mouths

Things babies can put in their mouths@lifewith_pm

This Baby Eats Everything

It's a problem as old as time. A baby will grab ahold of basically anything and instead of harmlessly playing with it, will aggressively shove it into their mouth. Why? Here's a great article which sums it up.

From experience, our babies always chomped on: rocks (usually of the dirty variety) chargers (often times destroying their functionality) keys (the grime!) and electronics (phones, remotes, laptops oh my!).

It's true, our store does provide safe and fun replacements for some of these things and hopefully we'll be adding more in the future. Namely, keys, remotes and phones

Baby Teeths On Baby-Safe Metal Keys@FamilyFunPlayTime

But, there will always be non-toy things that a baby will be putting in their mouth, so it is important to list the potential risks and some possible solutions.

The Risks

There are certainly many ways to construct this, but in my view, there are four potential dangers when a child sticks something in their mouth:

  1. The item itself may be toxic. For example: many metal keys may include lead and are obviously unsafe for (anyone, but especially) babies. 
  2. The item may be dirty or covered in a harmful substance. For example: that little cap on the bottom of a toilet can be assumed to be tainted by some gross fluids.
  3. The item's shape increases the danger. Sharpness may cause cuts, length may poke sensitive areas, smallness may be a choking hazard and you must keep an eye out for things that can be suffocating.
  4. The item's importance. If a baby is allowed to play with your 1909 Honus Wagner baseball card, you may be asking for trouble.

Anything that will be safe for babies to put in their mouths won't have any of the above risks. So, without further ado,

The List

  1. Silicone baby toys. These are often marketed as teethers so you can be certain they are designed with babies in mind.
  2. Baby spoons. With their rounded edges and rubbery feel, these utensils are literally designed to be put in a babies mouth.  
  3. Baby toothbrushes. Sometimes these are designed with specifically teething in mind, as well.
  4. Silicone kitchen utensils. In our home that buttery-smooth omelet flipper is a fan-favorite. Silicone ice molds are also an idea. Just confirm that whatever you think doesn't run into any of the aforementioned risks. 
  5. A clean lovey. These adorable fuzzies are perfect for your baby to cuddle with and self-soothe. After you've confirmed that size is not too large, you should have the green light.
  6. Empty water bottles. Turning used water bottles into a mouthing toy may be a solid form of recycling. You probably should take the cap off as it is ridged.
  7. Actual food. Besides for the entertainment value, often, when a baby puts things in their mouth, it's a sign of hunger.

Baby Puts Lovey In His Mouth@wishah_ch

Baby Teeths On Food@dea_blog_

Obviously, your baby will be putting many other things in their mouths as well, and for most of them, it is of no consequence (or maybe it builds their immune system). This list is to specify the most ideal items for child mouthing.

We wish to emphasize that we are not doctors, so all serious queries should be posed to a pediatrician. Also, generally speaking, the exploring of the little ones should be supervised by a nearby adult.

Did we miss anything? Have something to share? Tell us in the comments!

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  • Mine loved wet (clean) wash rags! He liked to drink the water and chomp on them lol. He also put his shovel in his mouth while he was digging a hole at the beach, so… 😅😅 Kids are weird.

  • 1. Wet rags or towels are great for Teething and sucking water off of. All my children loved it!
    2. Clean Socks, my kids enjoyed the texture of them and how they felt on their gums weird but it works.
    3. Metal bowls the no handle ones that r super light as a feather, they r awesome with a wooden spoon to smack and make noise. My 1 yr old and my other kids when they were small love them. Even still play with it now lol.
    4. Old broken gaming controllers, we have so many old Xbox, pse, wii controllers. Just glue the charging clip in and boom they got a forever toy lol with nobs and buttons!!

    Hope that adds to your lost it’s worked for all my kids (4) and my neices and nephews 13 neieces and nephews lol

  • Yes so true…so damn agree with the content…This baby eats everything …Except his food😩😩

    Zalak Makwana

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