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Write For Us - Guest Post Opportunities

Now Accepting Guest Posts

Announcing Guest Posts

We are happy to announce that we are now accepting guest posts from our friends, the internet over! 

It doesn't matter whether we've met you on TikTok or Instagram, or even if you stumbled upon us while Googling "Which Things Can My Baby Put In Their Mouth." If you've got something to say and have the words to say it, we welcome you!

What Is A Guest Post?

A guest post is when someone who is not associated with a particular website authors an article for that website. 

Often, it's helpful and healthy to have the perspectives of people outside the given website. They bring a fresh outlook and can introduce interesting and important ideas.

This is true, obviously, in life as well.

The Perks Of Guest Posting

Although most guest posts are written without pay there are still a number of advantages to guest posting:

  1. Web Traffic. When you pen an article for another website, they will often (we do) allow you to link to your own site. Whether your domain is a blog or a shop, the links will help bring in more traffic from this new avenue.
  2. Domain Authority. Having your website linked to another website will increase your domain's authority. Read more about Backlinks here.
  3. Social Media Shouts. If you're seeking more traction on your socials and want many fresh sets of eyes, collaborating on an article is a great place to start. In addition to the mentions of your TikTok or Instagram @ in the article itself, we will definitely include the @ in our posts regarding the article. As of this writing, all of our social media platforms collectively have over 26,000 followers. Not too shabby!
  4. Brand Credibility. Appearing on a website with a strong community, builds credibility for your brand (again, whether blog or shop) in said community. Think of it as credibility-by-association!
  5. Idea Development. Social bubbles occur on the internet quite frequently. Their causes are well-known and many. It is helpful, sometimes, to extract oneself from where the algorithm has placed them and test their ideas in new places and before new audiences. This is a powerful tool to determine what you actually think and how good you are at presenting it.
  6. Creativity Flexing. Individualistic creativity thrusts us out of grey monotony and is what creates our global harmony. But, for many working adults (and stay-at-home parents definitely work!) the daily slog hampers any opportunity for the planting of a mental garden. Committing to a piece of writing, on an idea that matters to you, carves out an area for this creativity. It's no matter how short, so long it's you!
  7. Relationships. Cooperating successfully with another person or a group of people, always will build relationships. This relationship may be used for future collaboration, but just making a friend is valuable enough!

How To Write A Guest Post

Writing A Guest Post


  1. Choose a topic. Preferably, it would be something you're passionate about, have given thought to or is your area of expertise.
  2. Write! Start conveying your ideas as clearly as possible.
  3. Optimize For Internet. Short paragraphs, lists, and straightforwardness are all great tactics for optimizing an article for the internet.
  4. Photograph. Yes, technically there are free stock images online but those usually are boring and always are quite clearly stock images. Instead, snag a few creative photos of the things around you that illustrate the point in your article. 
  5. Edit. This is the step that we will join in the work. Clarifying, elucidating and developing the ideas are all part of the editing process.

Write For Us On Baby Toys

Has your kid recently played with an interesting toy that you'd like to write a thorough review about? Perhaps compiling an extensive list of toys in a certain category is your thing? You're in luck!

We ourselves have written toy reviews here on Color Wonder Markers and an adventurous book.

After all, DontPlayWithThat.com is a toy shop so we'd love guest posts on the topic of toddler toys or baby toys.

Write For Us On Parenting

As a family leaves the hospital, when a baby is handed to their parents for the first time, there is no User's Manual that comes along with the baby. 

Sure, there are plenty of books and online resources to help guide a parent, still, most of us have a lot of figuring-it-out to do. For example: see our article here on screen-time.

We'd love a guest post of your thoughts on the complex art of parenting. 

Write For Us Your Bedtime Stories

Any good parent has concocted dozens of stories for their little one. In our house, my stories even have recurring characters.

Sometimes a parent's made-up story is predictable and lazy, but every now and then the story has some extra mustard on it. Even the parent is curious where the story will end. 

These our the stories we'd love to read about in your guest post. You can read the rhyming bedtime story about confidence that we wrote here.

Write For Us On Children's Safety

Our whole shop is based on creating toys that look like the household items that babies are often obsessed with. These things are typically unsafe to varying degrees, so it makes us happy to replace them with a bay-safe alternative.

Therefore, it's quite natural that the concept of Children's Safety is quite relevant and important to our business. We'd love a guest post from you on this topic, whether it's danger concerns or safety tips, we'd love to read them!

We wrote about whether it is safe to let babies chew on car keys here.

Write For Us About The Funny Things Your Kids Say And Do

We live for humor. Peruse our social media platforms. They're 90% funny videos and 10% our actual products. 

Kids are never-ending fountains of hilarity. Whether it's the charmingly honest things they say or the goofy things they do, there isn't a day where parents won't be laughing. 

We'd love to accept a guest post on a funny story (or a collection of stories) about how accidentally hilarious your little ones are.

For example: we've compiled a list of oddly specific things that people have told us their children play with. 

Contact Info And Disclaimer

You can email your submissions to fauxtoys@gmail.com. We will check them out and get to work on them as soon as we can.

Submission will not be automatically accepted. We need to confirm they're well-written and on-topic. Sorry, we won't be accepting your article about how to fix a broken radiator.


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